MP pledges animal welfare during visit to Shropshire cat rescue center

SHREWS PIC MNA PIC DAVID HAMILTON PIC SHROPSHIRE STAR 17/6/22 with ‘Cheeko’ the cat, and founder Eve Dodds, is (right) Helen Morgan MP, during her visit to Sleapy Cat Rescue, Sleap..

North Shropshire MP Helen Morgan, whose pet cats Augustus and Claudia were both rescued as kittens, also stressed the importance of animal welfare during her visit to Sleapy Cat Rescue.

She met volunteers as well as some cats and kittens at the center when she heard about the work done by the charity, based in Sleap, south of Wem.

Ms Morgan said: ‘I miss Claudia and Augustus every day so it was great to come and say hello to the animals who have been lovingly rescued by the fantastic team at Sleap.

“It’s great to see the community spirit flourishing with the hard working volunteers giving up their time to make these cats feel like part of a family.

“It is also important that we continue to campaign to take care of cats, pets and animals in general.

“This includes microchipping cats and caring for animals involved in car accidents and. at a broader level. prevent the government from undermining the high standards of animal welfare that exist in Britain.

“Liberal Democrats have long supported changing the law to protect pets and other animals and it’s time for the Conservative government to make animal welfare a priority.”

Helen’s cat Claudia died aged 12 on January 7 this year, while her brother Gus died aged 14 at the start of lockdown after battling health issues throughout his life.

Ms Morgan this week signed a motion calling on the government to require drivers to report traffic collisions involving cats. Legislation currently requires drivers to report accidents involving horses, mules, sheep, pigs, goats or dogs, but not cats.


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