New York Senate proposes legislation to improve animal welfare and increase penalties for animal abuse


Finally, the New York Senate is proposing a comprehensive package of legislation to fight for animal welfare and increase penalties for animal abuse.

State senators introduced seven bills focused on animal testing, animal cruelty, animal abandonment, ban on puppy mill sales, insurance discrimination for dog breeds, veterinary drug information and African trophy imports.

“Our pets are like family to many of us, but sadly, there remain bad actors who abuse and abandon animals in harsh conditions,” Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart said Tuesday. Cousins. “As Senate Majority Leader, I have emphasized the importance of animal welfare and how it reflects who we are as a society. This comprehensive package is needed to address abuse, neglect and mistreatment of pets. These bills also promote the care and consideration that animals deserve. I commend the sponsors of the bill and we will continue to pass common sense laws to protect our animal friends from harm.

According Spectrum News 1here are the seven bills tabled:

  • A bill to ban the manufacture and sale of cosmetics tested on animals. This bill, sponsored by Senator Alessandra Biaggi, will prohibit the sale of any cosmetic product tested on animals. The sale or manufacture of such products would be subject to a fine of up to $5,000 for the first offense.

Source: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)/Youtube

  • A bill to clarify aggravated animal cruelty. This bill, sponsored by Senator Liz Krueger, will remove the word “severe” from the “severe physical injury” language of the crime of aggravated animal cruelty. This would ensure appropriate penalties as there are a lot of gray areas in what different people would consider ‘serious’.
  • An invoice for abandoned pet instructions. Sponsored by Senator Michelle Hinchey, will require owners of vacated properties to inspect the property for abandoned animals within three days if they knew or should have known the property was abandoned.
  • A bill to ban puppy mill sales. Sponsored by Deputy Senate Leader Michael Gianaris, the bill will ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores. This would create a much-needed barrier between the puppy mill supply chain and encourage pet stores to partner with local animal shelters that have animals available for adoption in need of homes.

“With so many good animals in need of rescue, there is no need for animal-abusing puppy mills to supply pet stores,” said Gianaris, a Democrat from Queens. “Our four-legged friends should be treated with respect, not like merchandise. I am pleased that this important proposal continues to build momentum in the Legislative Assembly.

  • A bill to ban insurance discrimination against dog breeds. This bill, sponsored by Senator Gianaris, would prohibit insurance companies from excluding, limiting, restricting or reducing an insurance policy’s coverage for owners because of a certain breed of dog. that they own.

Source: WPLG Local 10/Youtube

  • A bill for information on veterinary drugs. Sponsored by Senator John Brooks, it will require veterinarians to provide information on drug prescriptions to pet owners. This information includes the name, description, directions, what to do if you miss a dose, instructions for proper storage, any side effects, manufacturer’s precautions and relevant warnings.
  • The Big Five African Trophies Act. Sponsored by Senator Luis Sepulveda, this bill will prohibit the import, transport and possession of certain African wildlife species and products. The five species include lions, leopards, elephants, black and white rhinos and giraffes, all of which are in danger of extinction due to illegal poaching and trade.

Source: National Geographic/Youtube

We hope all of these bills will pass and make this a better world for animals! Sign this petition demand that all states make all animal abuse a crime now!

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