No More Shock Collars – National Pet Supply Chain Bans Sale


A national pet supply store will no longer sell “shock” electronic collars, noting that the devices can cause fear and anxiety in animals.

PetCo announced Tuesday (Oct.6) that it will stop selling shock-resistant collars at all of its 1,500 stores in the United States and Mexico, the company said. At the same time, the company has also removed the necklaces from online sales.

“Electricity can be essential to power your microwave, but it has no role for the average parent of a pet who trains their dog,” said PetCo CEO Ron Coughlin in a press release.

Coughlin said that in most cases, PetCo promotes “positive reinforcement” training, where good behavior is rewarded instead of punishing bad behavior. The company has launched an online petition calling for better regulation of the sale of shockproof collars to consumers in general.

Types of electric shock collars that will no longer be sold at PetCo include human-activated and bark electronic pet collars.

Shockproof pet collars have been a concern for dog lovers for quite some time. In a quick survey by Edelman Intelligence of 1,000 dog owners, 69% said shock collars are a “cruel” training method.

Founded in 1965, PetCo is the subject of a rebranding effort in which the retailer will position itself as “Petco, The Health and Wellness Co.”

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