NSW calls for help with animal welfare laws

NSW Minister of Agriculture Adam Marshall issued the New South Wales Animal Welfare Reform – Discussion Paper as the next step in the efforts of the NSW government to modernize animal welfare legislation.

Mr. Marshall said that if animal care was of universal value, it was essential that state laws provide the proper legal framework to protect all animals.

“I call on all members of the community to help shape the future of animal welfare in New South Wales,” said Mr Marshall.

“The expectations and science of animal welfare have changed dramatically in the 40 years since the writing of our existing laws. With the help of the community, three laws will be replaced by a modern law.

“The New South Wales Animal Welfare Reform – Discussion Paper presents a series of proposals on the future of animal welfare legislation and it is important that all stakeholders, from breeders to pet owner moms and dads, have the opportunity to give us their feedback.

“We now have the toughest animal cruelty sanction package in Australia, but it is essential that our legislation conforms to the best scientific and community expectations available.”

Comments on the discussion paper will support the development of legislation to create an easier-to-understand animal management framework, fill in gaps and reflect new best practices since the original legislation was developed 40 years ago.

This will be the second round of consultations on animal welfare reform and Mr Marshall said important feedback has already been gathered.

“Over 1,100 stakeholders, including representative bodies and key experts, had their say in the first round of consultations and this was used to develop a set of proposals outlined in the New South Wales Animal Welfare Reform – Discussion Paper“said Mr. Marshall.

The proposals contained in the discussion paper include:

  • Set a minimum care requirement for those responsible for animals;
  • Clarify what constitutes cruelty and who is responsible for the care of an animal;
  • The introduction of a modern sanctions framework with increased sanction amounts and new and improved offenses; and
  • Provide updated powers and tools to protect animals.

Source: Government of New South Wales. To provide feedback, email your submission to [email protected] or visit the NSW Department of Primary Industries website. The consultation is open until Friday, September 3, 2021.

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