Ocean State Job Lot donates to animal welfare groups


A Halfway Home Rescue representative joins Ocean State Job Lot associates Tom Brown and Luana Onofrio in accepting a donation from Ocean State Jot Lot’s “To the Rescue” animal welfare donation program.

Ocean State Job Lots / Contributing Photo

A total of 230 animal welfare organizations across the region have benefited from Ocean State Job Lot’s second “To the Rescue” charity program. Beneficiaries include municipal shelters, wildlife centers, rehabilitation farms and nonprofit relief organizations a short drive from the 147 OSJL stores in the northeast.

Each organization received at least one pallet of personal protective equipment, which included a mix of disinfectant, disinfectant wipes and disinfectant spray worth between $1,130 and $4,000, depending on the quantity required by each of the organizations, and an $1,800 OSJL gift card to purchase necessities. supplies, including pet food, beds, toys, chews, and cleaning supplies, items that would typically be purchased as part of organizations’ operating budgets.

“The Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation, in partnership with our loyal customers, has a long history of helping those in need,” said David Sarlitto, Executive Director of the Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation.

“It was by surveying our customers that we discovered that they wanted to support animal welfare in their communities, which led to our To the Rescue program. We are proud to partner with each of these organizations and support them in their efforts to feed, care for and protect animals in each of the communities in which Ocean State Job Lot operates.


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