Our commitments to animal welfare


Sodexo’s commitments to improving animal welfare are fully in line with our responsible sourcing strategy as part of the work on sustainable agriculture. Our framework supports our corporate responsibility roadmap, Better Tomorrow 2025, and the needs of our customers. As we continue to advance our approach, periodic updates regarding our process are an important aspect of demonstrating our progress in this space.

Sodexo’s commitment to transparency includes discussion of ongoing challenges and reporting based on detailed procurement data. The backbone of our reporting will continue to be the annual process of a full year’s data, independently audited by a third party. However, more frequent updates throughout the year will ensure greater transparency of our progress.

Following our cycle of reporting and root cause analysis, please see our updates in three critical areas: cage-free eggs, improving the welfare of broiler chickens and the use of gestation crates in pig production.

Eggs without a cage

Thanks to the progress we have made over the last year in data visibility, we have performed a root cause analysis based on our annual reporting data (third party audit at the end of July). From this new level of detail, we worked to secure the necessary funding to advance our cageless goals. This new funding will ensure that wherever we can act, we will, and our detailed data will help monitor root causes along the way and course-correct where we can. We look forward to reporting on our progress over the coming quarters to demonstrate the impact of this renewed dedication towards our 100% cage-free goal, with the expectation that we can achieve near 100% within the next year, with more precise projections in the coming months. .

Broiler Chicken Welfare Improvements

As part of Sodexo’s commitment to improving broiler welfare through Best Chicken Pledge (BCC), we are developing a roadmap on the different aspects of our chicken commitment for release in 2023. We remain committed to fully aligning with the BCC and the roadmap process will help us determine when we expect to be able to meet each of the various components. This is certainly one of the areas where collective action is important, and our work is made possible in part by our participation in the US-based Compassion in World Farming Broiler Welfare Task Force.

Use of gestation crates in pig production

We are pleased to share that our progress in shifting to pork products from production methods using free flow processes has progressed faster than expected. Our previous goal of sourcing pork products from sources using free-flow systems (also known as group gestation or reduced gestation cages) by the end of 2025, we now plan to achieve it by 2024. We look forward to sharing more updates as we progress down the continuum towards crateless pigs.


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