Petco Rebranding Focuses on Pet Welfare, Bans Shock Collars


Petco’s rebranding to focus on the welfare of pets included a ban on shock collars.

Petco Focusing more on the welfare of pets means that in early October they announced that they were banning shock collars, which are often considered inhumane.

But now according to Fortune, this is just the last step in a global rebranding effort as the company tries to beat the competition by focusing on the welfare of pets, even changing the full name of the company from “Petco Animal Supplies” to “Petco, the Health and Wellness Company”.

Shockproof collars account for around $ 10 million in sales per year, Fortune reports, although a 2018 article by Companion animal psychology sums up a European coalition of companion animal experts recommending their ban.

“We’re going through a business that asks, ‘Can I help you put that big bag of dog food in your cart? “Into a full-fledged health and wellness company,” said Ron Coughlin, CEO of Petco. Fortune.

This explains why they recently started offering Jinx dog food and treats on their website, as the Los Angeles-based company is made from natural, human-grade ingredients (we don’t recommend humans to trying the Jinx products – that would be a little weird. Based on taste tests from our team dogs, your dog will love their treats, however!)

By January 2021, the company hopes to add around 40 full-service veterinary locations (up to around 140) in its physical stores to compete with rival PetSmart, which offers Banfield Pet Hospital locations in several of their stores, and Walmart. plans to unveil their own veterinary services called VetIQ by 2023.

Petco operates approximately 1,500 sites in total, and the San Diego-based company is also the title sponsor of their hometown baseball stadium, as Petco Park is home to the San Diego Padres.

This Petco rebranding also includes a makeover to several of its stores, including more physical spaces for veterinary and grooming services, for example, and the addition of more wood elements to involve a more natural landscape. and peaceful, as opposed to metal shelves which are no different from a grocery store.

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