Petition: ask France to appoint a minister for animal protection!


Factory farming is inherently cruel. Sadly, a lot of the abuses we hear about – keeping animals in cramped and unsanitary conditions; declawing, dehorning and debeaking; separate mothers and babies; rough handling of animals; and so on, are common practice. In addition to these horrific and inhumane acts, some secret investigations show that many farms are much more cruel than one might even imagine.

Cruelty to animals on farms is common in all countries. Cruelty is inherent in the consumption of a living being. In France, activists calling for a position in the animal welfare ministry in the office of President Emmanuel Macron. Currently, abuse, cruelty and animal welfare violations fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture although, according to a IFOP 2018 survey, 71% of French people are in favor of setting up a post of ministry responsible for animal welfare. The Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, aroused outrage after being spotted during a bullfight in the south of France.

Source: FRANCE 24 English / YouTube

L214 Ethics and Animals, a French animal rights group, was document the horrors that take place in French farms, like the pigs that were so neglected and starved, they cannibalized the corpse of a pig. Barbara Boyer, spokesperson for L214, was disappointed with the lack of an animal welfare post and stressed that a farm animal welfare ministry post was vital for “Limit conflicts of interest”. Sign this petition to tell French President Emmanuel Macron to reorganize his cabinet by adding a new post, that of Minister of Animal Welfare!

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