PetSafe shock collars falsely advertised as ‘harmless’, class action claims

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PetSafe Shock Collar Lawsuit Overview:

  • Who: A dog owner is suing Radio Systems, the maker of PetSafe shock collars.
  • Why: The plaintiff claims that the company falsely markets the collars as safe and harmless to use on animals, when in fact they are harmful to pets.
  • Where: The PetSafe shock collar lawsuit was filed in federal court in California.

Radio Systems markets its PetSafe shock collars as safe and harmless, even though they actually harm pets physically and psychologically, according to a new class action lawsuit.

Plaintiff Steven Hernandez filed the class action lawsuit against Radio Systems Corporation on October 21 in federal court in California, alleging violations of state and federal consumer laws.

According to the lawsuit, Radio Systems manufactures PetSafe shock collars and markets them as “safe” and “harmless.” Shock collars deliver electric shocks to animals via a collar worn around the neck.

“In fact, the use of electric shocks is seriously dangerous to the physical and psychological well-being of pets,” the lawsuit states.

In Hernandez’s case, he says he used the collar on his dog until he noticed a sticky residue and a foul odor coming from his dog’s neck.

“He removed his dog’s shock collar and saw that a piece of fur was missing from his dog’s neck,” the lawsuit states. “His vet identified holes in his dog’s neck that coincided with the placement of the inserts in the Shock Collar product.”

Radio Systems used deceptive language to conceal reality of shock collars, lawsuit alleges

To disguise the true nature of shock collars, Radio Systems uses euphemisms to describe what it feels like to an animal electrocuted by a pet shock collar, the lawsuit says.

Among the most popular terms he uses to mistakenly describe a painful electric shock are “static correction”, “surprise”, “tickling” and “stimulation”, he says.

On the product’s packaging and website, Radio Systems prominently displays false claims that the collars have been scientifically proven to be safe and are recommended by veterinarians and professional dog trainers, the lawsuit says.

Instead, there are hundreds of documented cases that reveal the use of shock collars can cause serious injuries to pets, including skin breaks, bruises, inflammation, burns and infections, says the trial.

Shock collars also lead to psychological stress, anxiety and depression caused by the repeated painful shocks, the lawsuit states.

Plaintiff seeks to represent anyone who purchased a necklace in California.

He is suing under California consumer and business laws and seeking class action certification, an order preventing Radio Systems from labeling the products as safe, financial restitution, fees, costs, and a jury trial.

In September, Bayer was hit with a class action alleging that he continues to market his Flea and tick collars Seresto are safe for pets even after tens of thousands of injuries and over a thousand deaths.

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Plaintiff is represented by Amber L. Schubert, Robert C. Schubert and Willem F. Jonckheer of Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe LLP.

The Radio Systems Class Action is Steven Hernandez v. Radio Systems CorporationCase #5: 22-cv-01861 in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of the Eastern Division of California.

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