Pokimane accidentally shows inappropriate video, his views increase by millions

Pokimane accidentally displayed an inappropriate video thumbnail while streaming on Twitch – and his views have already increased by millions.

Pokimane accidentally displayed inappropriate video thumbnail while streaming on Tic – and its number of views has already increased by millions.

Getting tricked by viewers to show unseemly streaming videos is like an endless hot potato game for popular personalities. No one knows who will be next, but at this point it seems like a must-see if you’re a big streamer on Twitch. Unfortunately for Pokimane, it was time to shine this week.

During the show, Pokimane was chatting and watching the media with his audience. While this practice can be risky, she has a system in place to prevent inappropriate content from entering. It is assumed that Pokimane only opens mod-approved links, and even then those links are opened on an auxiliary monitor first. Unfortunately, Pokimane figured she knew what she was opening, pulling it up on her primary monitor before the page finished loading. What appeared was a video from a popular adult chat site, showing an explicit thumbnail to his audience.

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Pokimane Twitch NSFW Video

Via: twitch.tv/pokimane

She instantly cried out and opened the window out of sight. His face was one of horror and confusion, clearly shocked that something so explicit had fallen through the cracks. Pokimane quickly ended the stream and deleted the VOD, and it looks like his quick actions resulted in a Twitch suspend-dodge.

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The incident only happened this week, but the out-of-color video has already garnered nearly 3 million more views. I don’t know what that says about Pokimane’s company or audience, but it can’t be good. The editors even discovered that several accounts on the adult website commented on how they liked seeing the video on Pokimane’s stream. Quite bizarre, but I hope most of the comments were intended to be humorous.

In other news, Pokimane has passed the 5 million YouTube subscriber mark – a better milestone than the first one mentioned.

Being successful on Twitch means having a small army ready, constantly trying to trap you in an embarrassing public situation. Completely avoiding mishaps requires perfection at all times in life, so slips are simply inevitable.

Sources: Reddit, Tic

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