Republican mayoral candidates want NYPD expansion

NEW YORK – In a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a number of around 7 to 1, New Yorkers who go to the polls to vote in the Republican primary in June have fewer choices as to who to step down .

Among Democrats, there is a field of eight major candidates to sort out.

In the Republican primary, it is a two-man race between Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo.

Nor is he what one might consider a typical GOP candidate.

Sliwa, still rarely seen without his red beret, is best known for founding the Guardian Angels in the 1970s, a group that patrolled the streets and the subway, seeking to prevent crime.

His flamboyant image led him to become a media personality on WABC Radio and formerly on NY1.

Sliwa says his experience with guardian angels makes him uniquely equipped to tackle the challenges of public safety in the city, which he says is his number one problem.

“This is exactly what I know: how to become safe and secure again so that as the city begins to open up – which it has to be if we are to resuscitate ourselves – we will have safe streets, safe parks. , and safe subways in particular, “Sliwa said in” Mornings On 1 “in a May 12 interview.” The way you do that is by paying off the police, by hiring more police. And, again, by allowing the police to be proactive, not reactive. “

Crime and public safety are also a key issue for Mateo. He also advocates for the hiring of more police officers – 20,000 new officers, to be precise, in addition to the 35,000 already on duty with the NYPD.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Mateo made a name for himself in New York politics as a spokesperson for business. He is a spokesperson for the United Bodegas of America and president of the New York State Taxi Driver Federation.

Mateo says his business background makes him qualified to turn around the city’s economy.

“I know how to bring back small businesses because I’ve been a small businessman since I was 17. I know how to create jobs, I know how to bring back businesses,” Mateo said on “Mornings On 1” during an interview on May 11. “These tax incentives that we were giving Amazon, 30 years of payroll tax relief, I’d rather give them to one company, 50,000 small businesses. It can create not 25,000 jobs, but half a million. jobs for New Yorkers. “

The Republican primary is now a head-to-head competition, the candidates do not hesitate to rub against each other.

Mateo called Sliwa “not a serious candidate” during his interview with “Mornings On 1.”

“I’ve known him for a long time and he’s a shock jock. He’s the kind of guy who – he’s a contender, an actor, a performer,” Mateo said. “He’s not a doer, he’s not someone who has the experience to get things done.”

When Sliwa heard this, he hit back with a statement saying in part, “A lot of people in this town contact me and the guardian angels when they have crime issues. Including Fernando Mateo. I am not kidding.

What is it that sets them apart?

Sliwa didn’t become a registered Republican until February 2020. Prior to that, he had long been independent and critical of Donald Trump.

Mateo has been with the GOP most of his life and has voted for Trump twice, but says he no longer supports the former president after the Jan.6 riot on Capitol Hill.

Also, if you’re an animal lover, Curtis has promised to make animal welfare a priority – he has 15 rescue cats in his apartment.


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