Request for extract from the road collision assistance team

Welcome to the Road Collision Assistance Team (RCST) Extract Request page.

The RCST only deals with accidents in Norfolk or Suffolk. It is important to note that not all collisions reported to police will be fully reported.

In many cases where all drivers have fulfilled their obligations under the Highway Traffic Act, there are no injuries and no substantial evidence of violations, only an incident report with basic details will exist.

This is the only way to obtain confirmation that the police have the details of the collision, limited details and copies of the collision log, statements made and additional material and to arrange an interview with the officer.

Limited details

Provide the names and addresses of all parties in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1988 and confirm date and location.

Basic accident report

Copy of the collision report book, including the statements and interview tapes it contains

Additional materials

Copies of witness statements and interview reports contained outside the accident book may also be requested along with photos, CCTV videos, surveillance cameras or witness contact requests.

Interviews with officers

Request an interview with the officer who witnessed the collision.

This can only be requested once you have received a collision report.

Fatal or life-changing accidents in adult chat

Whether it is a fatal accident or a life changing injury. The RCST can provide the third party details or the collision report as detailed above and will forward your details to the Forensic Collision Investigation Unit (FCIU) who will then be able to provide details on other documents including they dispose.


These services are chargeable because the activities are in addition to the normal provision of police services, these are governed by the directives of the National Council of Chiefs of Police. Please also see the Norfolk and Suffolk Fees and Charges 2020-21.


Payments will be made by BACS bank details. The system will provide you with a reference number which must be included in your payment.

The work will only be carried out at your request once we have received the payment confirmation.

The online banking functionality allows payment for a request. It cannot process multiple requests.

If possible, we will try to answer you by e-mail.


If your request is not yet available for publication (collision reports, interview with an officer or schedule material) and probably more than 30 days, the fee will be refunded through BACS and you will receive details on when the items will be available. In the event of an overpayment, the excess will be refunded. If an underpayment is made, the full amount will be refunded and details will be provided as to the correct amount.


Information is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 which sets out the principles of good practice in information processing and governs fair processing, maintenance and security and lawful data. For more details on how we use information and your information rights, please see the Information Charter

Please use the app below to request a search and to confirm the collision report number (CRASH reference) and to confirm what information the police have.

What do you need?

Contact details, your customer’s personal information, time and place of the collision, the possibility of paying by BACS, 10 minutes to complete this form.

Reference Guide

Reference possible Sample format
Reference CRASH 0000000 (5 to 7 digit numeric reference)
Access number (historical system) WA / 00000/16

2 letters / up to 5 digits / year

Case reference 00 / AB / 00000/20

2 digits / 2 letters / 5 digits / year

Investigation / crime number 00/00000/20

2 digits / up to 5 digits / year

Guard reference 00AB or 00A1 / 00000/20

2 digits, 2 letters or one letter and one number / up to 5 digits / year

Webstorm / incident report SC-02022020-000

2 letters, date / up to 3 digits

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