Ride’s Andy Bell prepares single “Cherry Cola” (listen to the Pye Corner Audio remix)

Stroll‘s Andy Bell released his first solo album, The halfway view, earlier this year and one of the most notable cuts is “Cherry Cola”, a groovy and playful track that simmers most of the album’s tones (Madchester, Spacemen 3 zone-outs) into one bubbly song. It will be released as a single on November 27 and includes an acoustic version as well as a remix of Pye Corner Audio, aka cinematic electronics genius Martin Jenkins, who turns him into a rolling, gurgling piece of synthpop psychic.

“Around the same time last year (which seems to be about 10 years ago now) I had a really good evening at The Social, where Sonic Cathedral was having a party for their 15th birthday,” Andy tells us about the genesis of the remix. “The music came from bdrmm (best new band yet), a short appearance of myself, playing my first single, which had been released that day, and the excellent Pye Corner Audio, which I had never heard before, accompanied by a DJ set by Simone Marie Butler from Primal Scream. While everything is musically awesome, my highlight of the evening was the PCA set and at the aftershow myself and Martin had a great chat over a few beers and decided to work together at some point. I’m happy to say that Martin remixed the song “Cherry Cola” from my debut album “The View From Halfway Down” and gave it the full PCA treatment. I couldn’t be happier with this and I hope this is the first of many collaborations. “

We have the premiere of the remix and its video, which tells us Andy “was filmed on a recent trip to the West Country just before the lockdown. It’s a simple slice of monolithic visual psychedelia with a lot of weed, a few stones and – for real shoegazers – a pair of Adidas Spezial ZX350. “

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