Roma transfer video campaign found 12 missing children | Rome

TRoma forward Eldor Shomurodov said it was “difficult to explain the happiness” he felt after missing Polish girl has been found just days after her photo was included in her transfer announcement video.

In 2019, Roma started using their transfer announcement videos on social media to highlight missing children around the world. The Serie A club’s campaign has now found 12 missing children since its debut.

“It is difficult to explain the happiness of having contributed in one way or another to the discovery of one of these children and therefore to the relief of his family,” said Shomurodov, who joined Roma. from Genoa on August 2. “I am proud to be part of a club that uses the popularity of football in this way.”

In recent years, social media ad videos have become a battleground for clubs bragging about their latest signings and looking to creatively outdo themselves – with some effort that looks like blockbuster movie trailers.

Two years ago, under the leadership of their former chief strategy officer Paul Rogers, Roma decided to use their social media presence to advocate for a different cause. Photos of missing children have been included in transfer announcement videos to raise awareness and increase the chances of their being found.

“This is a campaign that all of us here at AS Roma are passionate about supporting and the club is honored to have contributed to the discovery of 12 children so far,” said Roma Marketing Director Max Van. Den Doel. “Obviously, the real credit goes to all the associations with which we collaborate, and which fill our hearts with joy every time they inform us that another child has been found.”

The club has partnered with a number of missing person charities around the world and children from the UK, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Kenya and now Poland have been found after have appeared in transfer videos released by the club.

“The campaign has given visibility to over 100 children who are vulnerable to exploitation and, in many cases, have been forgotten by society,” said Caroline Humer of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“Every day children go missing in the world and each person can help bring them home by looking at the pictures to see if they recognize anyone.”

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