RSPCA warns of animal welfare disaster over on-farm pig slaughter

Image: Pixabay

The RSPCA is urging the government to take immediate action to stop the emergency cull of healthy pigs.

The animal welfare charity, which has a farm insurance scheme with nearly 4,000 members, said the crisis is bigger than a ‘problem on the farm’ that the industry has to solve and that the government has to step in now and solve it, like it did with the fuel crisis.

Emma Slawinski, director of advocacy and policy at the RSPCA, said hundreds of thousands of farm animals could suffer catastrophically if farmers were forced to slaughter on farms due to shortages of workers in farms. slaughterhouses and butchers and transport difficulties.

She said, “I heard people say, who cares where they are killed? They are going to die anyway. But on-farm slaughter will be traumatic for many animals and people.

“Slaughterhouses are specially designed to kill animals. Slaughtering thousands of healthy pigs on a farm will be extremely difficult, even for a skilled expert. Pigs are smart animals, they are big and strong animals, weighing as much as an adult man, and it will be difficult to get a clean shot even for a trained expert. The farmers will do their best, but it will be incredibly painful for the pigs who will be separated at slaughter.

“None of this meat will be able to enter the food chain, which is incredibly unnecessary and disrespectful,” she added.

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