Secret investigation reveals how fish farms fail to meet animal welfare standards


Fish farms in England, Wales and Scotland face animal cruelty charges if they do not align their business practices with animal welfare.

It happened after the government admitted there was no routine well-being checks on fish intended for slaughter. As a result, these slaughterhouses and fish farms could process the fish as they liked, regardless of animal welfare.

Animal equality‘s secret investigation in a salmon slaughterhouse discovered the horror of how fish were clubbed, clubbed and left to choke on the ground. The investigation brought to light that many fish slaughterhouses are free to decide what they think is human for the fish, which usually results in the treatment of the fish with extreme cruelty.

Cordelia Britton, from Humane League United Kingdom, said: “It is alarming that apparently no government official is inspecting the welfare of fish at slaughter. From our correspondence, it seems clear that no relevant agency knows what is going on, with each institution passing the buck to another. Without proper oversight, cruelty goes unnoticed. It is time for the government to take responsibility for how farmed fish are slaughtered, as it does other farm animals.

Further investigation showed a serious lack welfare checks at all slaughterhouses and fish farms – a serious oversight given that strict protocols are in place for farm animals.

Pisces are intelligent, sensitive beings who can experience pain, just like any other animal. Unfortunately, they are often treated and viewed as inanimate objects or less than other sentient beings. These speciesist notions of fish and how they deserve to be treated lead them to suffer extreme cruelty from humans. Hopefully, these investigations spark a conversation about fish sensitivity and stimulate a new wave of care and protection for these intelligent and emotional creatures.

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