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To use a shock collar, or not? This is the question that got the Okanagan talking today.

Across the valley, readers from the communities we cover have a lot to say about the SPCA’s claim that shock collars are harmful and don’t work.

“We know some coaches say it’s the only option,” spokeswoman Lorie Chortyk said. “[But] you are not teaching your dog what you want him to do. You create fear.

Veterinary groups and humanitarian organizations, as well as a great deal of research, have long stated that punishment-based training results in high levels of stress, phobias, fear and increased aggression in dogs.

“In addition, shock collars can cause physical damage, such as an unhealthy increase in heart rate and severe burns to an animal’s neck,” said Dr Karen van Haaften, senior director of behavior and management. BC SPCA Wellness and Certified Veterinarian Specialist. in behavior.

However, you had different ideas. Here’s what you had to say:

Giulio De Iaco I love putting a shockproof collar on some dog owners!

Terry Burton Dogs who needs it? What are you talking about? I’m shocked (pun intended or not, as you wish) that such devices are being sold legally.

Gene Hodgson Put a shock collar on Turdeau and every time he lies, crank up the volts.

Jodi Leanne Any tool beyond a collar and basic leash should never be used without a trained professional. Tools in the wrong hands or untrained hands can cause a lot of damage

Dayleen vann Damn, no more overtaking the government. I’ve trained search and rescue dogs for years, and every once in a while you get a dog that needs a different approach. No one has ever been afraid, stressed or hurt while using it. Like a choke collar, it’s a great tool in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. It’s getting really old to have perfectly safe training tools banned, because of the weird dummy who isn’t educated enough to use them. Might as well bring down your fence too it’s stressful for the dog to be contained they are so much happier to run free

Lisa Walton People, electronic collars are not meant to hurt a dog. It should be a little uncomfortable, yes, but not painful. If used correctly, great results will follow. Look at Jeff Gellman.

Celina Chase Hrabanek What dog needs it? Put it on the humans who don’t take the time to train them instead.

Craig musgrove Yes, impact collars can be dangerous. Especially when they fail… But try to find a collar that just vibrates so that my almost deaf dog knows how to look for me… I can’t find one.

Penny callaghan Hate them so much… they are barbaric and should never be used… do people hate their pets so much that they have to use them… these people who make me sick.

Tara Healey Got one for our little one and took lessons on how to use it properly from a pro dog trainer, it’s not a shock she gets but rather a pulse or a vibration. . took less than a week and she hasn’t barked anymore .. when she deviates

Kylo Bay Regardless of the opinions of others, they work for some dogs.

Jeff Connauton It worked really well for my dog. And it’s more of an impulse than a shock (yes I used it on myself before the dog) a verbal command was also used during training and now the collar is no longer needed as the verbal command is all that is needed.

Dawn Roberts Paprskar They work but can be abused. I suspect the SPCA has witnessed abuse. I think a shock collar has its advantages, but you need to be trained on how to use it properly. I felt the shock about halfway through and could barely feel it.

Elizabeth robinson Yes, good use, and they work great. Some dogs just need it.

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