Singapore dog trainer feels ‘hassled’ by reviews of shock collars (Video)


Can Singapore treat its puppies with Doggon respect? For the second time in two days, a senior dog school is being scolded for its disturbing training methods.

Canine Solutions Singapore held on today in response to complaints about a two-year-old video showing a trainer shaking an animal with a shock collar.

“We are transparent in our training and our techniques / methods are adapted to each dog. Our customers are fully aware of how we train their dogs. wrote on Instagram.

He also said it would simply block those who continue to criticize him.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but since it has come to a point where we and our clients are accused and harassed, we will prevent these misinformed people from posting baseless comments. “

In footage that surfaced on Sunday, three large dogs are being walked through an open parking lot when a tanned mongrel trailing behind barks and is immediately zapped by his collar. The traumatized dog curls up and tries to sit up before being pulled by an unfazed man holding what appears to be a latte.

It was posted by the same account used to call another canine obedience training school to kick, choke and drag her puppies yesterday.

Professional dog trainers don’t rely on pain aversion to change behavior, and Singaporeans have called the school up for cruelty.

“[C]Some let me put electric necklaces on all of you, ”Liza.img wrote.

“[Y]all are [absolutely disgusting] on using abusive methods to “train” your dogs, “Rinraichu wrote.

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