Sparwood SaveStation makes public safety a priority

The Sparwood neighborhood has made public safety a top priority with the new SaveStation, located behind the Sparwood Leisure Center.

The SaveStation is an accessible, exterior automated external defibrillator (AED) designed to deliver a potentially life-threatening shock to people experiencing cardiac arrest. The SaveStation made its way into the community thanks to a fully funded Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) grant application, the CP Has Heart Community Fund grant, which was facilitated with the help of Sonya Anderson with Cardiac Safe Communities.

Sparwood Mayor David Wilks is happy to see this invaluable device installed.

“While AEDs are generally accessible in public spaces, for example within the recreation center and municipal office, access to these devices is restricted when buildings close. This SaveStation has been placed in a central area where the activity takes place in Sparwood. Its location, next to the Spray Park restrooms, is surrounded by sports fields, courts, parks and in an area where many community events are often held. Many of us have sudden cardiac arrest, and when someone is in distress, every minute counts. It really gives the board peace of mind knowing it’s here, available any day of the week or any time of day, ”he said.

The AED is fully weatherproof, temperature controlled, remotely monitored, and provides voice commands when the device is in use. To prevent theft, as soon as the box is opened, a visual and audible alert will sound, and a built-in camera will take a photo.

Videos on using the AED will be shared within the community for residents to demonstrate how to use the device. Residents are reminded that in an emergency, assess the area for their personal safety and call 9-1-1 first.

Main picture: Photo. The Mayor of Sparwood Wilks stands next to the SaveStation AED unit, located behind the Sparwood Recreation Center. Photo credit: Sparwood District

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