Spigen cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3: protect your foldable investment without affecting usability

We have now spent a few weeks with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Samsung has done an amazing job with these two foldable smartphones. Even with a drop in price, these are still very expensive phones, so we also had the pleasure of using cases from Spigen.

Spigen offers six case options for the Z Fold 3 and three other options for the Z Flip 3. We tested four of the Z Fold 3 options and two of the Z Flip 3 options. Spigen also offers watch, tablet and tablet options. power supply for your mobile devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Spigen’s six case options for the Z Fold 3 range from $ 54.99 to $ 94.99, with the price tied directly to the additional material used to cover more of the device as the price increases. The first case I tested was the Spigen slim fit holster, available in black for $ 54.99.

The Thin Fit case is a minimalist case for the Z Fold 3, adding a matte black finish back panel that covers the entire back panel and three sides of the phone. The front panel is basically a matte frame piece that protects all three edges of the bezel while rising above the screen to provide some protection when you lay your phone face down on a surface.

Both pieces of the case are secured with small double-sided stickers with included extras in case you need to reposition your case or want it to be more securely attached to your phone. I didn’t notice any impact on using the front screen with the bezel piece attached to the phone.

The hinge is not protected with this case, but when you open the phone to use the large 7.6 inch display, the front and back halves of the case match perfectly. It’s also nice to have the phone flat on its back with the back panel matching the camera array. Wireless charging and Samsung Pay work great with this box installed. I would love to see Spigen launch other color options in the future to match Samsung’s colors.

If you have purchased a Phantom White or a Phantom Green Z Fold 3 and want to display your phone’s color, you may want to consider the Spigen Ultra Hybrid holster, available in clear for $ 64.99. This case has a transparent frame and is designed in the same way as the Slim Fit case with a little more thickness than the hard transparent polycarbonate material.

Cutouts are provided for all ports, cameras, buttons and microphones. Wireless charging and reverse wireless charging work well with this case around the Z Fold 3. Only a few corner stickers are used to hold this case in place, but I have also found it to stay in place without stickers applied.

Although I have not tested this case, the Neo Hybrid S one looks interesting with its ability to prop up your phone when the main large screen is open. This case is available for $ 74.99.

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You may want hinge protection for your device as it is not dust resistant and it may be prudent to be preventative in the hinge area. The Sturdy armor the case consists of two soft-touch matte black pieces connected by a soft, textured hinge. This hinge piece extends up to a quarter of an inch from the top and bottom. When you fully open the 7.6-inch screen, this piece slides into a gap on the back panel. This is really a great solution to protect the hinge and the Z Fold 3.

The front panel rises a bit higher above the screen than other Spigen cases and I found it a bit too high for me to seamlessly interact with the cover screen. I noticed that I was able to adjust my interaction with the cover screen over a period of use, but just be aware that it is not as easy to use the cover screen with this case mounted on your phone.

For those who want the ultimate in hinge protection, then the Slim Armor Pro, $ 94.99, is the case to consider. The most unique aspect of this case is the hinge protector piece that covers the long hinge of the Z Fold 3 in the closed position. Samsung’s phone hardware covers the hinge when it is in the fully open position, but when the phone is transported and the outer screen is in use, the hinge is susceptible to damage from being dropped. This hinge is essential to the ease of use of the device itself, so it is important to protect it.

The Spigen Slim Armor Pro case is a two-piece case, like most of its other Z Fold 3 cases (not the Tough Armor case). The back cover has a large opening for the cameras and is cut out on the edge for the volume and fingerprint sensor areas with large openings for the USB-C port and two microphones. The back is black with a soft touch matte finish and also features several yellow foam inserts to help withstand impact and protect your phone.

The front is mainly a frame part with the hinge protection part. The two pieces of the case fit together perfectly with double-sided tape also acting to hold it in place. The soft touch frame part in a matte finish covers the edges with openings for the two stereo speakers.

The hinge mechanism is designed with springs and an arrangement that slides it over the top of the back cover when the phone is fully open. In the fully open position when the hinge is concealed from the front and back of the phone, the hinge protector rests on the back panel. It actually helped me to hold the phone better with the grip of the hinge protection piece. However, it does not serve as the center part of the rocker when you lay the Z Fold 3 open on a surface.

All of these cases provide some protection for your Z Fold 3 with more protection offered as the price and volume increase. I hope to see Spigen eventually offer one or more of these cases with a silo to carry the S Pen Fold edition. One of the main reasons I bought the Z Fold 3 was the S Pen mount, so I want a case that can carry the S Pen with me all the time.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

While I appreciate the productivity of the Z Fold 3 and it’s the right device for my needs, I had a great time with the Z Flip 3. It’s a fun, high-performance foldable phone that’s sure to be sure to be good. sell for $ 1,000. Spigen offers three case options for the Z Flip 3, with two options available in different colors. Samsung also offers the Z Flip 3 in many colors, so offering cases with colors is a smart move by Spigen.

Like the Z Fold 3 case, the Fine cut is a nice minimalist case with a matte finish and very little size or weight. I tested matte black, but Spigen also offers this case in Shiny Green and Shiny Lavender for $ 49.99.

The case is designed with two separate pieces that attach to the Z Flip 3 with stickers, extras are also provided. The case stays in place very well when the sticker is removed and you press the case around the phone.

Once the Z Flip 3 is opened, the two halves match perfectly, appearing to be a single case on your phone. Wireless charging, Samsung Pay and all phone functions are fully usable with this case.

Spigen also offers the Resilient armor holster, $ 64.99, with hinge guard. Soft, textured material covers most of the hinge and slides into the lower part of the case when you open the phone.

The top part that protects the area around the camera and the cover screen is thick and then tapers into the cover screen. Unlike the impact of using the cover screen on the Z Fold 3, the opening is large enough that the use of the cover screen is not affected by the case.

The case actually helps me locate and press the power and volume buttons more easily due to the positioning of the opening along the right side. Openings are also present for the microphones, the speaker and the USB-C port.

I have now used the Z Flip 3 with this case while hiking, fishing, running and walking and it has worked great. If you plan on using your Z Flip 3 on the go and want decent protection, this is a great case to consider.

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