Stand Together For A Safer Indianapolis Launches City-Wide Campaign to End Gun Violence

INDIANAPOLIS – After a disturbing trend of violent crime in the city, a local group is calling on the community to make a difference.

Stand Together For A Safer Indianapolis is made up of people from different groups and organizations. Brought together by Steward Speakers, a speaker and conference series dedicated to promoting conversations about critical issues, organizers plan to launch a city-wide campaign starting July 1.

The campaign includes a multitude of media elements, such as public service announcements, flyers and graphics, throughout Indianapolis to reach all communities and demographic groups. The media part, led by FrontRunner Media, is just one part of the two-part approach.

Organizers hope to use a combination of marketing and awareness. The goal is not only to show the impact of gun violence and other crimes, but to reach out to those who do with resources and support targeting contributing factors, such as homelessness, unemployment and poverty. Mental Health.

“A lot of people don’t understand that it affects us all here in Indianapolis, whether or not a family member or friend has been affected by gun violence or not,” said Matthew Steward, president of Steward Speakers and part of Stand. Together For A Safer Indianapolis.

“If you live outside of Indianapolis and come to Indianapolis for work, this will be your concern. He added, “If you’re a visitor coming to a convention here, and you’re in downtown Indianapolis, and gunshots ring out in your hotel room, that’s a problem. It is a concern.

A few days before the holiday weekend, organizers have set a launch date close to July 4, as the city anticipates more activity.

With Gary Naylor’s Steward Speakers and FrontRunner Media, Stand Together For A Safer Indianapolis is enlisting the help of other community groups, churches, fraternities, sororities and others who wish to get involved.

“Without community engagement we will never, ever move the needle,” said Naylor, “That’s why this campaign has to be global. We invite organizations, who actually see it, to contact us and be a part of what we do.

“If we are to be successful, it will take a grassroots effort so that no organization, no individual, no police department can fix what is going on,” Steward said. “If they could, they would have done it already. No police service in any city. So we turn to people in the community.

Already operating with the support of several agencies, such as the Metro Indianapolis Police Department, the Health and Hospital Corporation and the Public Safety Foundation, organizers hope to be fully funded within six months.

Depending on the success of the program, leaders plan to reassess and continue the efforts. In the meantime, they will be launching a variety of outlets, like a panel of speakers and other events, over the coming months.

“They say ‘build the plane while you fly it,'” said Naylor, “So we kind of build it as we go along, and we figure out these things that are going to stick, and which are going to be efficient and effective. repeat these things until we have an impact on this gun violence and the things that are happening in our community. ”

If you or your organization is interested in getting involved, contact Matthew Steward at [email protected]

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