The Scratching Post: Hāwera Rangers Discover Animal Welfare, Meet Kittens


Lara Abraham (14, left), Charlotte North (14) and Summer Southey (12) with Sass (center) and Reggie.

Learning about animal welfare came on a cute side last week when members of the Hāwera Girl Guide Rangers group visited The Scratching Post in Stratford.

Karma Andrews, administrator of The Scratching Post, said it was great to meet the girls and answer their questions about the local charity.

“They learned what we’re doing here. We also discussed the importance of deexting kittens to try and slow down and stop the uncontrollable breeding cycle.”

The leader of the guide, Leonie Spalding, says the information they learned helps the rangers obtain their certificate of interest in animal welfare.

“It was great for the kids to meet Karma and learn more about what she does and all the work involved in kitten season and the adoption process.”

Ranger Charlotte North says the visit was interesting.

“I learned about the process of putting kittens up for adoption and all the work Karma does.”

Charlotte joined the Hāwera Rangers this year and says visiting has been one of her favorite things to do so far.

“Meeting Sass and Reggie the kittens is definitely one of my highlights. They are so cute.”
Lara Abraham (14) says she was shocked to hear how many kittens The Scratching Post has to relocate each kitten season.

“Karma told us that they relocate between 100 and 200 kittens each season. That’s a lot of kittens and a lot of work to feed them and prepare them for adoption. We have also learned from Covid-19 that the cats couldn’t have surgery unless it was an emergency, which resulted in even more kittens. “

Summer Southey (12) says it was interesting to meet the kittens.

“Sass is so fluffy and adorable. Reggie was also very cute. Reggie will need surgery because he was born without a foot. He doesn’t let that stop him though, he’s a really happy kitten.”

The Hāwera Ranger Party is always open to new members, with the option of forming a Stratford Party if there is enough interest, Leonie explains.

“Right now I’m taking Charlotte and Lara to Hāwera because there aren’t enough rangers to form a group here. We’re always looking for more.”


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