The SPCA and North Durban Animal Welfare Organization need your help


ANIMAL rescue organizations were hard at work during the flooding last week as many animals were relocated, trapped in storm drains, etc.

Tanya Fleischer, marketing manager for Durban & Coast SPCA, said inspectors were available 24/7 to help with any animal rescues except the flooded building itself.

“Our SPCA premises were flooded in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Inspectors and kennel staff had to rescue the dogs from our kennels. Animals were moved from flooded kennels to safe, dry kennels. Thanks to these brave staff members, no animals were harmed,” she said.

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Fleischer was unable to provide figures on the exact number of animals rescued as information had not been captured as power outages caused a backlog.

She said supporters of the organization can help by sponsoring various items that the SPCA currently needs.

“As our water supply is intermittent, we need bottled water donations. We also need pet blankets and pet food,” she said.
Items can be dropped off at the Springfield Park SPCA, 2 Willowfield Crescent or a donation can be made online at

“In terms of future disasters, it’s important to take note of any weather warnings issued, whether it’s extreme rain or extreme heat, and care for your pet accordingly. Always make sure they have shelter. Bring them indoors in extreme conditions and provide them with cover, food, drinking water,” Fleischer added.

For more information, contact the SPCA on 031 579 6546.

Neeri Naidoo, founder of Phoenix Animal Treatment and Care (PACT), said their communal premises in Hazelmere had been flooded and kennels had been damaged.

“There were over 100 dogs sharing two rooms at one time. Thanks to the generosity of the public, we managed to repair a large number of damaged kennels,” said Naidoo.

She said the organization’s food supplies, towels and blankets had all been damaged, so they started collecting from scratch.

“We have been rescuing dogs and cats since last Tuesday. There were still dogs running around with chains still attached to them. The cats and kittens were stuck in the storm drains. It was devastating,” she said.

A dog was trapped for several hours, who was trapped under rubble after a house collapsed on top of her.

“She was rescued and taken to Ashburne Vet where she was treated but succumbed to hypothermia,” she said.

“We also managed to save a seat trapped in a storm drain for three days or probably longer. The sad thing is that hundreds of animals won’t be saved because we won’t hear about them. It is devastating to say the least,” Naidoo added.

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