“THINK NOW. Animal wellbeing. Digitization. Energy consumption “


Smart solutions for modern poultry production

June 15, 2022

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On May 31, 2022, VIV Europe, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for modern poultry production, has opened in the Dutch city of Utrecht. According to the currency “THINK NOW. Animal wellbeing. Digitization. Energy consumption.”Big Dutchman’s attractive stand in hall 12 once again offered plenty of space for smart innovations, smart solutions and new concepts:

  • Natura XL Stage | the new animal welfare aviary features various system-related novelties, e.g. the animal-friendly sheet metal perch;
  • Heidy | the new mobile grader for broiler breeders in the rearing phase;
  • Fluxx 330 & 360 mangers | the Big Dutchman bestsellers for broiler production are available with exciting new features such as | An innovation overflow mechanism | FlexLED lamp, a very small LED lamp that fits in the pan | the illuminated iDOL 29 Power Sensor for control pans;
  • autonomous Relaxation nest 2.0 | the world’s leading seller scores points with new features that further increase nest hygiene and acceptance;
  • Win 2.0 heat exchanger | SUNFarm photovoltaic system | efficient home lighting systems and concepts – intelligent systems to save energy;
  • BFN merger – the cutting-edge digital platform for maximum efficiency in your operations.

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