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Meet Adam Hurtgen of Hurtgenlea Holsteins Dairy Farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The family dairy farm started with 45 milking cows. Today they have a total of 330 animals – all registered Holsteins.

To help optimize operations on their growing farm and reduce costs, they turned to new technology for help.

“The reason we were very interested in the smaXtec technology and their bolus is to maintain a better quality of care,” Hurtgen said. “We see our cows as the profit center of the dairy farm. And to manage them, we thought that additional technology and additional information would be very useful to us. »

SmaXtec sends real-time alerts directly to a connected phone. It adds a level of care made possible through temperature alerts, rumination decreases, calving alerts and activity tracking, all of which have helped keep the business profitable.

“It was very easy to work with the smaXtec team to understand the various alerts and how to best implement their procedures and protocols with the farm. This system is as accurate and precise as I have ever seen,” he said. “I think the calving alert giving us 10 to 12 hours notice is really special.”

When dairy farmers receive alerts, they are able to quickly initiate protocols to help mitigate any issues and ensure cows recover as quickly as possible, saving time and money .

How it works?

The rumen bolus is inserted through the cow’s mouth into the reticulum (the second stomach compartment) using the hand-held device provided. It rests there (injury and loss proof) simply by its own weight, for the life of the cow and sends the most accurate temperature, rumination and activity data directly to a smartphone. . Once health alerts are sent, smaXtec will also provide assistance with disease interpretation and recommendations.

Accurate data at your fingertips

With information measured from inside the cow, smaXtec provides accurate data on internal body temperature and fertility, rumination and calving detection so farmers can proactively manage their herds. The health system monitors the herds 24/7 and sends the data as notifications to a connected phone. For example, farmers benefit from early and reliable calving detection an average of 15 hours before calving, giving them a head start in taking the necessary action. “From bunker management to mastitis monitoring in the living room, smaXtec gives us a wide range of data that really allows us to make better decisions,” said Hurtgen.

Installation and support

Installation is done in three steps and all equipment is mailed out, or you can opt to have a smaXtec professional do the installation for you on site.

The base station plugs into a power outlet, uses an antenna and connects to the internet via a built-in SIM card, so there is no need to have Wi-Fi access on the dairy farm for the system to work . If installation seems confusing, a customer support specialist can guide customers through all installation questions and best practices. look at this installation video to see how simple the setup is.

Farmers automatically benefit from TruD™ technology, which is smaXtec’s cloud and AI solution. It is constantly fed with health data and connected studies from veterinarians and agricultural experts that ensure a constant increase in knowledge and improvement of the system itself – without any additional cost.

“This smart bolus has been a great addition to our operation that maximizes the quality of health care for our livestock and the efficient use of our time,” he said.

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