Three mobile users need to follow this advice today or face serious bill shock

If you want a new smartphone or feel like switching up your Three SIM plan, be sure to sign up today. The UK network is set to make a big change to its plans and that could leave some customers facing serious bill shock.

Right now, if you buy a new iPhone 13, Galaxy S21, or just upgrade to unlimited SIM, you’ll get Three’s hugely popular Go Roam service added at no extra cost. This useful extra allows customers to make free calls, surf the web, and send text messages when visiting over 70 countries, including the United States and Australia.

Sadly, Go Roam is scrapped starting tomorrow, October 1, with anyone signing up for a new deal after September 30 facing bigger bills next year. Three has confirmed that new device usage fees will start from May 23, 2022 for new customers and those updating their current offering and it certainly isn’t cheap.

It will add £ 2 per day when using a phone in Europe and £ 5 per day when customers travel further afield.

That could mean getting a bill of £ 70 for a two week stay in Florida or £ 28 while sitting on the beach in Spain.

If you have a family of four in three, it could turn out to be extremely expensive with bills in the hundreds of dollars. It is therefore important to pay your contract now if you want to avoid the hike.

Three has been offering Go Roam since 2013 and this is one of the reasons why so many customers have remained loyal to the network, but the network says it just isn’t able to keep offering calling, texting. and free data to everyone.

Explaining more about the update, a spokesperson for Three said: “All customers who sign a new contract or upgrade with Three from 1 October 2021 will pay a charge of £ 2 per day when roaming the within the EU applicable from May 23, 2022. PAYG customers and customers who signed a contract before October 1, 2021 are not affected by these changes.

“The new charge ensures that customers are clear what they will pay when using their phone in another country and that only those who travel will pay for the service. It will also ensure that we can continue to invest in our UK network. . “

Of course, Three isn’t the only network to impose roaming charges with EE and Vodafone both charging some customers £ 2 a day from January to use their phones in the EU.

O2 does things slightly differently with its customers now limited by a fair use policy, meaning they can’t exceed 25GB of data when they’re outside the UK.

Once this allowance is used up, a charge of £ 3.50 per additional 1 GB will be added to the invoices.

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