Twenty illegal puppy farms uncovered by animal welfare charity so far this year


A total of 20 illegal puppy farms have been discovered by animal welfare inspectors from the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals so far this year.

he charity has removed hundreds of vulnerable dogs and puppies from unscrupulous breeders.

Inspectors seized more than 300 dogs and puppies from illegal dog breeders in 2021.

“Many of the dogs and puppies we have rescued lived in the most horrific conditions you could imagine, often in cages with little or no room to move or escape their own excrement and urine,” the inspector said. Chief of the ISPCA, Conor Dowling.

“There is rarely clean drinking water, food or adequate bedding and often they are kept in darkness without access to fresh air or daylight. This cruelty and neglect causes serious health, psychological and behavioral problems.

“Fear and lack of socialization means they will have to remain in ISPCA care for longer periods of time before they can be responsibly rehomed with loving families.

“People who run illegal dog breeding establishments only care about one thing, and that’s money,” Conor said, adding, “there’s no thought for the welfare of these vulnerable dogs being used again and again for breeding to produce money making puppy litters.”


Inspectors seized more than 300 dogs and puppies from illegal dog breeders in 2021.

Inspectors seized more than 300 dogs and puppies from illegal dog breeders in 2021.

In a recent case, ISPCA inspectors discovered 21 dogs and puppies in an abandoned property. There was a mix of mostly small breeds including Labradoodles, Shih-Tzus, Jack Russell Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas.

They were terrified when they were rescued, but after spending some time in ISPCA care they were treated and cared for, made a full recovery and have since been reunited with loving families.

“Some of the dogs we rescue will have matted coats from being in their own feces and will suffer from painful skin infections and open sores,” Inspector Conor Dowling said. “Overgrown nails lead to infections and lack of grooming for some breeds can cause pain.

Inspector Dowling explained that the effect on dogs is not only physical, but also psychological. Trauma can often lead to behavioral problems.

“Our animal caretakers are spending a considerable amount of time trying to repair this damage.”

“Unfortunately there are many areas in Ireland that ISPCA inspectors cannot currently reach. We are having a huge impact, but we could so much more if we had more resources.

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