UC-Davis Labs under fire for animal welfare violations


In a lawsuit filed today, PETA is asking the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to investigate the University of California-Davis and the affiliated California National Primate Research Center for numerous animal welfare violations.

PETA has obtained federal documents that reveal rampant animal abuse and neglect in UC-Davis labs, including six serious incidents that appear to violate federal animal welfare law, which stipulates minimum standards of well-being. -be for animals in laboratories. These violations indicate gross inattention or incompetence by school laboratory personnel. Each incident resulted in serious injury or death to the animals.

Serious incidents of animal suffering at UC-Davis laboratories include the following:

  • Staff moved the bad rhesus macaque from the hospital to an outdoor enclosure, where other monkeys attacked her so badly that she required veterinary attention.
  • Staff failed to properly restrain a rabbit during a procedure. The animal fell to the ground, breaking its leg. He was later killed and staff did not report the incident promptly to authorities.
  • Staff failed to protect the baby macaques from the dye used to mark their mothers. Several infants got the dye in their mouths and eyes while trying to latch on to their mothers and nurse her. The infants’ mouths and throats swelled up and they died.
  • Staff operated on a severely underweight monkey, which was later killed.
  • Staff injected 54 titi monkeys with an inappropriate vaccine for their species, causing them to develop skin lesions and leaving them so sick and weak that they had difficulty moving. Three monkeys developed such severe complications that they had to be euthanized.
  • A baby rhesus macaque’s finger lodges in a broken perch bar. She died from heat stress.

Primate Laboratories

In 2020, UC-Davis confined 3,607 primates in its facilities and experimented on 1,428 primates and 206 rabbits, according to its annual report. The USDA must hold the school accountable for its failure to do the bare minimum for the animals trapped in its facilities.

What you can do for primates in labs

Please take a minute to urge Congress to stop wasting taxpayer dollars funding unnecessary and cruel animal experiments at national primate research centers, including the one at UC-Davis.

Act now!


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