Video: Animal welfare groups want to ban wildlife trade shows


Several animal welfare organizations have asked Minister Henk Staghouder for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality to ban exotic fairs where live wild animals are traded.

World Animal Protection, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, the SPOTS Foundation, the AAP Foundation and the Animal Coalition have called it appalling that wild animals like birds and reptiles are still traded on exchanges in Netherlands, they said in a press release.

“At trade shows in recent months, we have again seen crowded snakes, stressed lizards and Komodo dragons in plastic containers,” said Sanne Kuijpers of World Animal Protection Netherlands. “They are beautiful animals, but we have to realize that these wild animals belong in nature and not on a tray at a Dutch fair.”

The organizations visited various trade fairs and recorded the conditions the animals were in.

According to Kuijpers, the animals were clearly stressed. “They were constantly being picked up and moved around, were extremely restricted in their room to move around, had no hiding place and had tape around their mouths to prevent them from biting.”

The organizations find it outrageous that such treatment of animals is tolerated in the Netherlands. “In short, fairs with wild animals are downright animal-unfriendly, and they need to stop,” Kuijpers said.


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