Virginia General Assembly passes animal welfare bills after disturbing reports from dog breeding facility


The Virginia General Assembly pass several bills to protect animal welfare in breeding facilities after disgraceful conditions were exposed to the Cumberland beagle breeder last year.

After inspection by USDA discovered more than 300 puppy deaths from “unknown causes” in just six months, the breeding facility has been accused of unsafe housing, inadequate veterinary care and a lack of record keeping.

Secret footage taken by PETA and a federal report detailing deaths at the facility have called for reform and oversight of the breeding facility. The breeding facility, Envigo, blamed COVID-19 for the unnecessary deaths at its facility.

The new bills attempt to address the problem by providing increased oversight and consequences for these heinous animal welfare violations.

Three senators released a joint statement saying,

“As primary patrons of the seven research animal protection bills that passed the Senate yesterday and today, we are proud to lead the bipartisan effort to hold Envigo accountable for the troubling conditions and poor treatment of beagles at his Cumberland breeding facility.”

Along with the bills passed, there is a measure to prohibit people who have committed animal welfare violations from buying or selling cats or dogs. The bill passed with an overwhelming majority of 99 to 1.

“Virginia is responsible for ignoring this mess for a long time, and we are not going to leave this stain on the Commonwealth,” the senators wrote.

Sign this petition demand a ban on the breeding of dogs without a license

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