Warrington Animal Welfare request for information


A ‘beautiful’ and ‘sweet’ dog has been sadly put to sleep after being left abandoned in a car park and paralyzed – leaving charity volunteers ‘beyond horrified’ and searching for answers.

Buster, a 10-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, was taken to Warrington Animal Welfare after a man found him dumped in a parking lot in Latchford.

The dog’s condition was “emaciated” and he had no muscle mass in his hind legs, meaning he couldn’t support his weight on them.

A volunteer with the charity, based in Slutchers Lane, said: ‘His eyes were soulful but his spirit seemed broken.

The team scanned the dog and discovered he was microchipped at an address in Warrington. So they immediately called Beech House Vets, on Wilderspool Causeway.

Although the vets were about to close, they kindly agreed to see Buster to try and help him.

But after a thorough examination, it was apparent that Buster had suffered a severe spinal injury that resulted in virtually no blood flow to his back.

This explained his paralysis as well as the terrible urinary burns on his body that he had suffered due to incontinence.

Veterinarians found his blood pressure to be dangerously low.

Buster’s body had suffered too much trauma because he had been left without veterinary intervention for too long after being “dumped” in a parking lot.

Professional advice was that it would be kinder to release Buster from his pain and the decision was made to put him to sleep.

A spokesperson for the charity added: ‘Our volunteers stayed with him in his final moments, tears streaming down our cheeks, and he passed away peacefully from this world.

“Now we feel anger! We are beyond horrified that anyone could do this to this beautiful soul.

“We have contacted microchip details to learn that the original owner of Busters passed away at least five years ago.

“Where did it go following the death of its owner?

“If you recognize this dog (he may be known by a different name), please contact us with any information which will be treated in the strictest confidence.”


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