WATCH: “Shock Collar Challenge” Causes Unexpected Results

Just when you thought internet challenges couldn’t be more bizarre, people are checking in by testing impact collars. In case you missed it, teens ate nutmeg to hallucinate, pushed pennies into electrical outlets, and hit people with bags in other viral challenges. So it should come as no surprise that people now use dog-friendly shock collars to get their few seconds of fame.

Shockproof collars are generally used as dog training devices. When a dog barks or “misbehaves,” he receives a small electric shock through the collar.

The laughs that result from these videos aren’t surprising, but the discussion they sparked on social media was. The experience of wearing a shock collar now leads participants to consider how ethical these devices are when not used in a harmless TikTok video.

What is the shock collar challenge?


## shockcollarchallenge she wanted to know what it looked like 😂😂 ## foryoupage ## fyp

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In the challenge, people wear the collar and trigger it with a remote control or by barking. They are surprised when the electric shock hits them. In some cases, participants hold the shock device in their hands while it delivers the load.

A TikTok user recorded his mother wearing the collar and barking in an attempt to trigger it. Legend explains that mom tests the shock collar before putting it on their dogs.

Mom laughs as her barks fail to untie the collar, then it suddenly gives her a shock. When it does, the video goes in slow motion as she jumps and rushes to remove the collar:


my mother tests her dog’s shockproof collar before putting it on the dog! You won’t regret watching this! ## shockcollar ## shockcollarchallenge ## slowmo

original sound – kristinatumsuden

While many laughed in the comments, others were asking them not to put the collars on the dog, especially after considering Mom’s reaction to a single shock.

One commentator said: “And that’s why you shouldn’t put them on dogs …”

For the most part, however, TikTok users are trying to keep the challenge light and just like another social media prank trend.


“It doesn’t work on humans” ## shockcollar ## shockcollarchallenge ## dogsoftiktok ## fyp

original sound – klok_work

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