Why This Crypto Cash Focuses On Dog Shelter Charities And Ongoing Developments


NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/July 2, 2021/ Raku Coin is a cryptocurrency named after Raku, a Pomeranian who died in 2020. Although Raku may be gone, the team continues to honor the spirit of the little dog by ensuring that all puppies have a safe and loving home. This is why the coin is used for support homeless dogs in all the countries. Find out how this new crypto works and why all animal lovers should want to participate.

What is the Raku Room?
Raku Coin is an audited system built on the BSC blockchain and Ethereum, and it was created to promote equality for all. This crypto is fully decentralized and operates on a peer-to-peer network with Raku focusing on developing passive income. Specifically, there is a 3% redistribution on each sale, which means the coin is always increasing.

This development is also focusing on NFT Marketplace, Decentralized Exchange, Mobile Apps, NFT Gaming/Technology, and more as part of their roadmap.

Everyone involved will own and contribute to Raku Coin, empowering the people who use the platform. By skipping the paperwork and transaction fees of traditional banks, the organization is leveling the playing field. Raku enables people to create wealth without being subject to the tyranny of the intermediary.

How Raku Coin can help dogs get the love they deserve
Dogs are more than just a pet. They are a source of love through some of our most difficult days, and they help us remember how much joy can be found in simple things. Thanks to a single Pomeranian, thousands of dogs have a better chance of finding a place where they belong.

The plan is for Raku to use the coin and his platform to donate money and participate in charity events that will bring attention to the cause.

The joys of owning a pet
Dog shelters rely on everyday people to form strong bonds with the animals they house. Some of these dogs come from backgrounds of abuse, mistreatment or homelessness.

Raku Coin sees the potential for people to get the most out of their lives by helping a dog in need of rescue, and the pandemic has seen more people adopt pets at the same time than ever before.

Raku Coin looks to the future
Goodwill really is the message behind Raku Coin – both for people and for pets. The team only uses 1% of its resources to market the coin, with the rest going to those in need.

The coin also distributes 3% of transactions to all holders in real time, meaning people earn Raku Coin just by having Raku Coin. The creators of this coin know that standing out in the crypto crowd will not be easy, but they have the best intentions at heart. Anyone who loves dogs should consider integrating Raku Coin into their wallet.

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