Woman was shocked after finding Apple AirTag taped to her car

Last August, we told you the story of a cybersecurity expert in Brooklyn, New York, who was able to recover his stolen bike, tracking it down himself, all thanks to an Apple AirTag he had hidden in inside the bike. The story was the subject of an interesting article and highlighted the many benefits of AirTags.

For the uninitiated, Apple AirTags are tiny, speaker-driven tracking devices that can stick to objects most likely to be misplaced. The user can then activate them using their Apple device and easily locate them by finding their missing item along the way.

Although they have many beneficial applications, such as the one mentioned above, they can also be used for unwanted surveillance. Jonesboro, Arkansas KAIT News related the story of a unidentified woman who turned on her iPhone in her car only to receive a notification that there was an AirTag somewhere nearby.

It was clearly an AirTag that she had not placed herself because at the time of the occurrence she did not even know what it was. “It turned out I have an AirTag that follows and I’m like no,” the woman said. So she came to the strange conclusion that someone else was trying to follow her.

“On my way to work and I went to plug in my phone to listen to music, then it appeared, I have an AirTag following and I’m like no,” added the still shocked woman. She then found the device stuck to her trunk, put it in a bag, and took it to the local police station for investigation.

Unfortunately, police don’t have a lead yet, but Robert Sexton, a CID detective with the Paragould Police Department, said it was an increasingly common occurrence and people should be careful. to such incidents. In addition to being able to stick AirTags in unwanted locations, malicious actors can also hack them. Ouch!

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